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Office Hours


Having a dental emergency?? Give us a call! If outside of normal business hours, please follow our emergency care information.


Helpful Information

Your home care is the best preventive care for your teeth. Review our recommendations to ensure a more enjoyable visit.

Office Information

Office Hours and Appointments

We are open for appointments at the following times:

  Monday: 8am-5pm (St. Peters and Florissant), closed for lunch from 12pm-1pm

  Tuesday: 8am-5pm (St. Peters), closed for lunch from 12pm-1pm

  Wednesday: 8am-5pm (St. Peters), closed for lunch from 12pm-1pm

  Thursday: 8am-5pm (St. Peters and Florissant), closed for lunch from 12pm-1pm

  Friday:  8am-2pm (St. Peters)

  Saturday:  8am-12pm (St. Peters)

Note: We are fully staffed with a dentist on site at either one or both of our offices Monday- Friday.  Saturday hours are only offered in our St. Peters location on the first and third Saturdays of each month; these Saturday dates are subject to change depending on holiday weekends, etc.  Please call to confirm availability.


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St. Peters:  636  441-1020

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If during normal business hours, please contact our office to schedule an appointment or simply come right in!


If  outside of normal business hours, and you are experiencing pain, swelling, or severe discomfort please call either office number to receive our after-hours emergency phone number for assistance.

Payment Policies

Scanlon Family Dental is a Delta Dental Premier Provider, and we do accept all major insurance policies and COBRA. Please bring your insurance card during your visit. In addition, we accept all major credit cards and cash.


We also participate with Care Credit financing and would be happy to set up a payment plan for your recommended treatment.


Be sure to ask about all the details during your visit.

Our Recommendations

Preventative care: At least every 6 months

It is so important to do your part at home.  We advise brushing twice daily for at least 2 minutes each time and flossing at least once daily. So many dental problems can be prevented with good oral hygiene practices. Keep in mind that even patients with good home care can develop dental decay or gum disease, and we recommend all patients to be seen at least every 6 months for a cleaning and routine exam.

Once we are able to complete a full dental examination, we may recommend more frequent cleanings or a periodontal cleaning depending on the health of your bone, tissues, and level of hardened plaque.

We recommend scheduling your next appointment before leaving each visit.


Kids Love to Smile!

Children love to be just like mom and dad.  Help create good oral health care habits for the little ones in your life! Baby teeth should be cleaned twice a day, like adult teeth. When toddlers are able to brush on their own, monitor their habits. Remember, children under 6 should be supervised at all times as swallowing toothpaste can be harmful.


Scanlon Family Dental recommends a first dental visit for a cleaning around the age of three.  We do encourage parents and grandparents to bring infants and toddlers to their own dental visits as a way to introduce the children to the office and atmosphere. Establishing regular visits at a young age will improve the health and stability of adult teeth.