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Your home care is the best preventive care for your teeth. Review our recommendations to ensure a more enjoyable visit.

Our Covid-19 Response

As part of our Covid-19 response 

please be aware of the following steps we have taken over the past year 

to deliver you our best quality care:

Elevated and frequent infection control standards of common office areas and surfaces in addition to our continual and thorough sterilization and disinfection of treatment rooms and instruments between each patient.

Pre-treatment Screening– All patients and staff members will be screened and have temperatures taken upon arrival. Patients will be asked to complete additional health history information, handwashing and a pre-treatment peroxide rinse.

Phone check-in – All patients will be asked to call upon arrival and wait in their vehicle. We will then call each patient when we are ready to see them. It is important that appropriate steps are taken to minimize the number of people in our office during this interim time. We ask that only the adult patient be in the office for appointments.  For adult patients requiring assistance, we ask that caregivers wait outside the office once the patient is seated.  For pediatric and minor patients, we ask that only one parent/guardian and no siblings come into the office.  The parent/guardian may certainly stay in the office throughout the minor patient’s appointment.

Patients will be asked to wear a mask upon entrance to the office.  We will try provide one for you if you do not have one; however, as proper PPE shortages occur, we cannot guarantee the ability to provie you with one. In the event that proper face coverings are not available, we may have to reschedule your appointmnet.

Social distancing practices- Dental treatment is, and always will be, completed in close contact.  We will do our best to minimize contact with patients and dental care team providers when treatment is not being given. We have placed plastic barriers at our front desk for added shielding during check-in and check-out procedures, created a separate office entrance and exit, and removed extra waiting room chairs to increase patient-to-patient distance.

Adherence to healthcare environment protocols including hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment (“PPE”, including gloves, masks, eyewear and when necessary, face shields and gowns), respiratory hygiene, sterile and safe instrumentation, and maintaining a clean and disinfected office will always be enforced.

 We are happy to announce that as of  May, 2021, we have slowly begun to eliminate some of the above mentioned protocols since the administration of the COVID vaccine and drop in case numbers.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable visiting our office for your dental appointments.  We continue to be available in St. Peters: (636) 441-1020 and Florissant: (314) 921-4333 for scheduling needs, payment processing or to answer any questions you may have.

We are grateful to be your choice in dental care!